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A Silhouette Showdown: 4 Most Popular Wedding Dress Shapes

Wedding gowns are not your normal formal wear and, of course, you wouldn't want them to be. Amidst types of lace and styles of beading, deciding which silhouette fits you best should definitely be the easiest choice. Your ideal gown shape is partly based on the style you like, the theme of your wedding, and generally, what also flatters your body most. So let's get down to terminology, shall we?

The Princess Ballgown

The most traditional shape of them all, the voluminous princess ballgown adds drama and grandeur, making you the fairy tale princess of your very own fairy tale wedding. These ball gown silhouettes often feature fitted tops, natural waistlines and fuller skirts. They're made to flatter all shapes and sizes as the fuller silhouette accentuates the waist and hides the lower body.

The A-Line

Another traditional favorite, and the most flattering for all brides of all shapes and sizes, A line wedding dresses are fitted to the waist and then gradually flare out to the floor, which gives it the signature shape of the capital letter A. The silhouette helps to slim curves and adds the illusion of height.

The Fit-n-Flare

A fit-n-flare encompasses both the trumpet style and the mermaid style. What's the difference you ask? A mermaid will flare out dramatically at or below the knees, whereas trumpets will flare out anywhere mid-thigh or right around your fingertips. The defining feature is that they both hug your hips and definitely showcase your behind for the signature hourglass look.

The Sheath

Not casual in the least, the sheath is a "straight" and narrow shape that generally follows the contours of your body straight down from the neckline to the hem. Brides looking for lighter and "no poof" gowns tend to look this way. Keep in mind though, these dresses tend to lack boning structures in the bodice for support, and combined with less layers, may be a little less forgiving on any problem areas.

Overall, the most important thing is to not limit your preferences your first visit to a bridal boutique, and to try different wedding dress shapes to see which suits your unique shape the best!

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