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Happily Ever After: The Wedding Gown Preservation Co.

Whew! The wedding is finally over and your wedding gown, the most expensive item of clothing you've likely ever bought to never wear again, but probably feel immensely attached to, is hanging in your closet. Now what?

You've got a couple options, actually. Some brides donate or sell their gowns, others re-purpose the fabrics of their gown into other attire or even home decor, and still even more "trash it" with a fun filled photo shoot. Many brides, however, want to hang onto the one important item that represents one of the most amazing days of their lives.

Whatever the case, preserving your wedding dress is the next step if you wish to keep it for years (and generations) to come. If brides wish to go through local dry cleaners, it's best to work with a dry cleaner that's worked on wedding gowns before, and definitely ask several questions about their knowledge of fabrics, what type of chemicals are used, what guarantees they have should the gown be damaged, etc. Wedding dresses are delicate, and some dry cleaning chemicals can easily damage them or degrade them down the line.

For peace of mind however, we recommend our brides bring their gowns back to Misora Bridal, where we package them and send them off to The Wedding Gown Preservation Co.

This third generation family-owned business has had generations of brides preserving their gowns, and their cleaning methods have been proven and recognized by the International Fabric Institute as the best methods in the gown preservation industry!

The gowns are evaluated on arrival and are then wet, dry or hand-cleaned with environmentally safe processes and chemicals. The gown is then fitted on an acid-free bust form and packed in acid-neutral preservation chest along with any accessories that the bride has included.

Don't wait for your stains to set! Bring your wedding gown back asap and let us take care of your happily ever after!

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