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Mint Condition: Wedding Dress Storage Tips

Whether it's due to personal reasons or the ongoing pandemic, sometimes brides find themselves having to postpone their big day. Here's a quick list of "Dos" from the team at Essense Designs to keep your gown looking its best until “I Do.”

DO hang your gown rather than box it up. Hanging ensures that the gown will not be permanently creased and allows airflow around the gown. Be sure to pay careful attention to delicate or illusion straps or sleeves to ensure that they aren't bearing the weight of the gown to prevent stretching or tears. Also avoid hanging the gown close to light fixtures or ceiling fans.

DO use a thicker or padded hanger. Especially for gowns with sleeves, narrow hangers can cause the shoulders of a garment to warp over time or even cause permanent damage. Padded hangers can come in both linen and cotton, which is naturally acid-free.

DO use ALL the hanger ribbons in your dress. Gowns can get heavy! Those ribbons are there to help distribute the gowns weight on the hanger. Already received alternations and ribbons were removed? Don’t worry – you can always add temporary hanger loops using cotton twill tape. You can even loop the hanger ribbons around the hanger multiple times to ensure that the weight of the gown is not on the actual gown’s straps, if applicable.

DO store your gown in a cotton muslin gown or breathable fabric bag. If your gown is currently in a plastic gown bag, remove and place in a breathable fabric bag. Cotton muslin bags are hands down the best way to store your gown. Muslin or a breathable fabric garment bag that is acid-free will not discolor your gown. It keeps dust off your dress and allows air circulation to help prevent mold or mildew. When placing the gown in the bag, place your finger behind the zipper as you zip close to ensure the gown does not get caught.

DO pick a safe place to store your gown. The area should be dark, cool, and free from pests, mischievous fur babies, and fiancés. An interior closet is a perfect place to store a wedding gown. Avoid places like attics, basements, or exterior wall closets because they are not always climate controlled and may have excess humidity.

DO remember to take care of your veil and accessories, too! They can be stored in an acid-free box with archival tissue paper. Make sure to store them off the floor. You can keep them in the same closet with your dress or in a drawer.

DO examine your gown periodically, and at least 1 – 2 weeks before your wedding. To ensure everything is just as it should be, you will want to take your gown out of the bag a week or two prior to your wedding and hang it high so that it has the opportunity to release wrinkles. If there are stubborn wrinkles that will not come out, contact your alterations vendor or bridal salon to inquire about steaming service.

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