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To Veil Or Not To Veil (That's Not The Question)

In general, our Misora brides know whether they want a veil or not. Even if they don't, the adage "just try it on and see" definitely holds true to help for rather quick and easy decisions. It's a personal preference, after all! Instead, they find the harder question to be "what kind of veil," as there are so very many options for brides to choose from. Here are a few things for you to know:

(Pictured from left to right: Traditional Comb, Drop/Circle, Mantilla, Birdcage, Juliet Cap)

Veil Style

Traditional Comb Veil

The classic bridal veil is a U shaped veil that has been gathered onto a metal or plastic comb. This is the most common veil style, is the easiest to customize in terms of embellishments, lengths and tiers, and will go with almost any dress silhouette.

Drop/Circle Veil

Less common is the drop veil, a circle or oval cut veil that has a comb attached somewhere towards the center to make a blusher layer. This veil is one continuous piece of fabric rather than two completely separate layers like the traditional comb veil.

Mantilla Veil

The circular, Spanish-style mantilla veil features a thicker embellished border along its edge that frames the face beautifully. A hidden comb or pins holds it in place either at the crown or further towards the face. The most common lengths for this veil style is the fingertip or cathedral length.

Birdcage Veil

A birdcage veil can cover either part or the whole of the face and is attached to either a headband or a comb. It's often made with birdcage netting or Russian netting with larger diamond shapes.

Juliet Cap Veil

The Juliet Cap veil is typically made with two layers (sometimes just one layer) and gathered at each side to create a cap over the head. The "cap" portion can be heavily embellished or trimmed with beading or lace, but it is common to see this veil style with just a floral or jewel ornamentation covering the gathered area.

Veil Length

The lengths you see in the picture above are fairly standard ballpark lengths, but they aren't absolute and can vary 2-3" shorter or longer either way. The birdcage has its own category of length, but the rest of the styles can be ordered or customized to any length the bride would like. The easiest way to decide this, of course, is to try on different lengths with your wedding dress! Does your gown flare out at a certain area? That would be perfect place for the veil to end in order to emphasize the change. Is your gown super glitz and glam? A shorter, plainer veil may be more to your liking so as to not detract from the details. Or do you just dream of a grand entrance a la cathedral length? Try them on!

Veil Detailing


Veils come in a range of shades that are fairly subtle when comparing side by side. The majority of brides tend to match their wedding dress color, or the closest possible. Even for gowns in darker shades, embellishments like lace tend to still be ivory, making the ivory color the all around favorite.


The trim or beading on your veil doesn't have to match dress details perfectly, but we definitely love it when they complement each other, so keep key features in mind when you're selecting your veil. Whether it's a matching lace to keep a traditional look, a rhinestone trim to add opulence, or even just a cut edge to add volume but not weight, it's definitely good to try on several different trims and see what floats your boat.


Traditionally the bride walks down the aisle with two tiers on her veil, with a "reveal" during the ceremony, but many modern brides have opted to completely forgo this blusher layer and keep a lightweight 1-tier veil. It's a completely personal choice. Multi-tier options allow you to select the level of volume and drama that's right for your look-you don't have to use the "blusher" layer at all. Some brides have even opted for 3-tiers or 4-tiers (pictured) for extra, extra volume and drama!

Wedding veils definitely offer lots of choice and customization, but if you want something quick and easy, check out and order from our popular veils section.

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