Are you ready to say yes to the dress??!! Because today is the day, and your bridal appointment at Misora Bridal is where it's at. Whether you've been planning this moment for years, or if you’d like to skip all the fuss, we get it and we're here to help make your wedding dress shopping experience as fun and seamless as possible. Here's a little bit on what to expect:

Book Your Appointment

We're excited to meet you, but we definitely want to have time to fully devote to you, so before you come in, make an appointment! This ensures our full attention when you come in. Please fill out the information as fully as possible! A Wedding Date helps us determine which dresses we can get in time for your wedding, the number of party members coming lets us know how to maximize seating arrangements, and any details left in the comments, such as a price point or style preferences just helps us direct you to your dress!





Party Time

Every bride is different. Some make the best decisions alone, and others are happiest with their inner circle present. What you need to remember, however, is that the more attendees there are, the more differing opinions you may hear, and that sometimes, their style is not your style. Our consultants will do their very best to keep everyone on track with what you're dreaming of, but in order to avoid unnecessary stress, think carefully about who you want there for support and whether they'll actually be supportive.


The Introduction

On arrival, you’re paired with a consultant whose one true goal is helping find the most important dress of your life! Our ladies may chat to find a little bit more about you and tell you a bit about our showroom. Based off of any information provided, such as your timeline, price point, and style, our consultant may be able to direct you towards the gowns that fit your criteria. Colored clips will also be handed out for you to start browsing through to see what catches your interest for trying on. We try to start with at least 4-6 gowns to get some variety going. Remember not to sweat it! It may seem overwhelming when faced with a showroom just full of gowns, but once you start trying them on, you'll get it in no time, so just start dipping your toes!





In The Fitting Room

While we'd love for you to come as you are and be ready to find your dress, strapless or backless bras do come in handy sometimes, and shape wear (such as spanx) may help you slide into fitted dresses more easily. Our consultant will be in the fitting room with you, helping you slip in and out of the dresses in addition to clipping them to your body for a better fit. Our more modest brides sometimes feel more at ease with a tad bit more coverage then.

Find The One

As you go through the appointment, compare and eliminate. Saying no to beautiful gowns may seem impossible, but remember you can only get married in one. Chances are you will love more than a few and look beautiful in even more, but you’ll have help finding “the dress” for you!

We are here to get you to your day in that perfect gown, confident in your decision. The rest of your wedding day decisions should be determined by the tone you yourself set and we are honored to help you define that. Are you sensing a theme here? We like to make it all about you! And you will be surprised how easy this really is with a unique selection and a new friend by your side. We can’t wait to see what you choose.

Ready to shop? Set up your appointment or give us a call with any further questions!

Image by Aw Creative