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Fit For A Queen: Wedding Gown Alterations

Our girls at Misora Bridal do their best to fit you to the closest size possible, but wedding dresses aren't typically made to measure, so that gorgeous gown that you've chosen is just the beginning of your journey to perfection. It's best to factor in alteration costs when you're figuring out your budget, as they can typically run anywhere from $300-$1000.

Here's briefly what to expect:

Wedding Gown Inspection

This appointment is made asap on gown arrival, and is with one of our Misora girls. It's exactly what it sounds like, an inspection of your wedding dress for any defects or mistakes. While not a common occurrence, we definitely want to catch any if there are so our designers can take care of it. Some brides also take this opportunity to finalize their jewelry, shoes or veil selections. You should also already have a ballpark of what kind of alterations you're looking at, but we can definitely go over it again, and for sure don't hesitate to ask questions if you've got any. For your convenience, we do have our recommended tailors, each with over twenty years of experience in bridal alterations.

First Fitting

This appointment is made with your chosen tailor, typically at 6-8 weeks pre-wedding. While it's usually not necessary, if you feel the need to wear extra undergarments, definitely have it on with you during this time. The tailor will pin your gown for the perfect fit, and it's important give feedback on whether you're comfortable or whether you want anything tighter or looser. It's also important to communicate your vision of the dress if you're adding any extra details such as sleeves, straps, or embellishments. Pictures definitely help if you've got any. If you choose to go ahead with the changes to your dress, alteration fees are usually due at the end of the first fitting appointment.

Second Fitting

At typically 3-6 weeks out from the wedding, you'll return for a second fitting to make sure everything is fit properly before the tailor finishes the seams on the bodice. Depending on your style of gown or the difficulty of the alteration, there may be a need for a third fitting. It's recommended to bring a heel of desired height at this time, as if everything is fit to satisfaction on the bodice, the tailor will then pin the hemline to desired length, as well as pin the train into the desired style of bustle.

Final Fitting

At 1-2 weeks before the wedding, your dress should be 100% ready. You may want to bring your designated helper so that they can see how to bustle and ask any questions they need to. The gown is tried on one last time to make sure everything is exactly as you wish. Speak up if it isn't! Otherwise, final tweaks and changes should be minor and then your gown should fit like a dream!

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